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HR Microsites

A One-Stop-Shop for Employees

There are so many different websites, platforms, and benefit plans offered by employers today, it is difficult to create a simple, centralized location to view all benefits available and make the best of what the employer offers.  We build and maintain a network of mobile-responsive benefit websites to tie together benefit education and employee engagement with enrollment in a single location.

Microsite Features:


Plan Information & Details

The microsite contains a wealth of knowledge both at the high level and the detailed level on benefit plans offered.  Setup with easy access to policy certificates, claim forms, admin forms, and provider directories directly linking to carrier sites.  This provides a simple one-stop location for employees to find resources and info on their benefits.

Enrollment Instructions & Services

No matter the enrollment method(s) used for open enrollment, new hire enrollment, or special enrollment periods, we have a centralized page with access to details of how to access the correct system, call the call center, or schedule an appointment with one of our benefits counselors.


Contact & Support Channels

Employees can also receive support directly with contact with their HR department, broker, and B3.  We also provide details on support employees can request from specific carriers.

A Platform & Benefit Agnostic Approach

We don’t believe in locking you into a specific platform.  We’ll consult with your needs and build your case on the system that best fits your products, skill level, and resources.

NOTE: branding on this site does not mean endorsement by the individual companies ofB3 Solutions.

and many many more!  Whichever carriers you are offering benefits for, we can integrate into our benefits information websites.