Easing Your

At B3 Solutions, we work with employers, brokers, and carriers alike to ease benefits enrollment and employee engagement burdens.

Offering Flexibility in Today’s Workplace

Employers need to offer flexible enrollment and benefit options in today’s workplace.  Each employer and broker has a unique vision and culture.  We collaborate with our broker partners to offer customized services ranging from:

System Case Builds

Using a variety of enrollment and benefit administration platforms.

Enrollment Services

Improve your employee participation using onsite, self enroll, and call center.

Employee Engagement

Improve engagement with our multi-faceted communication campaigns.

Video Production

Short and engaging product, new hire, and open enrollment videos.

EDI Services & API

Data feed setup and API connections* to carriers and payroll systems.

Call Center Enrollment

Benefits counselors take calls directly from your dedicated toll-free line.

HR Websites

Centralized and customized benefits and HR portals, tied into your current apps.

Social & SMS Marketing

Engage employees where they are, on their smartphone via social & SMS.

Integration and Flexibility, while providing Value.

Employers are increasingly looking for simpler and more efficient ways to administer HR and benefits. Systems need to be integrated or feel seamless and connected using SSO & API technologies.

Additionally, COVID-19 has shown us the workplace will never be the same. With more remote workers than ever, how do we engage those employees? Employers are also looking to keep costs down while providing more. Flexibility while providing value will be key.