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Call Center Enrollment

Flexible & Scalable Enrollment Options

With a digital, cloud-based call center, we can take enrollments anywhere our benefits counselors have internet access.  They use the same secured devices our face to face enrollers use and are the same local and regional counselors.  The last thing we want is for employees to not feel comfortable talking to the enroller on the other end of the line.

Dedicated Toll Free #

You will have a dedicated toll free line for employees to call.


Agents are fully licensed, all calls recorded, and calls monitored by supervisors.  All calls are recorded and kept for 20 years plus the life of the policy in secured data centers on both the east and west US coasts.

Flexible & Extendable

A variety of open hours can be programmed into the system with the ability to leave voicemail after hours or during peak call times. The system is cloud-based and scalable in minutes so agents can be assigned to meet increased demand.

Our Track Record

If COVID-19 taught us anything is that the workspace culture and environment can change on a dime.  Employers will have to be more flexible in the future to retain and recruit the best talent.  We want to ensure employees have a great experience if they call our call center.

Calls through the Call Center

Seconds Average Wait Time