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Enrollment Guides & Education

Most Employees Don’t Understand Benefit Basics

There are so many different websites, platforms, and benefit plans offered by employers today, it is difficult to create a simple, centralized location to view all benefits available and make the best of what the employer offers.  We build and maintain a network of mobile-responsive benefit websites to tie together benefit education and employee engagement with enrollment in a single location.

An Educational Process:

Digital Benefits Guides

Benefit and enrollment guides in an engaging digital format are provided on a group per group basis.  Complete with plan details and enrollment instructions, it is a simple way for employees to share a single document with all information and access to their benefits.

Product Videos & Animations

Custom tailored product videos around 1-3 minutes in length provide an overview of each benefit from a high level where an employee can understand the benefits a plan will provide them and their families.


Support Options & Knowledgebase

We provide support options through our call center and account management team in conjunction with our broker partners to ensure employees understand their benefits.

Some Surprising Stats

If COVID-19 taught us anything is that the workspace culture and environment can change on a dime.  Employers will have to be more flexible in the future to retain and recruit the best talent.  Engagement is key to maintaining and growing a healthy workforce.  However the American workforce is not very engaged currently.  We can help.


of employees will look for a new job due to confusion or dissatisfaction with benefits

-According to Aflac


of employees would work harder if they were shown appreciation

-According to Smarp


of Employees Are Not Engaged in the Workplace

-According to Gallup