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Direct Communications

Meet Employees Where They Are…Their Smartphones

There are so many different websites, platforms, and benefit plans offered by employers today, it is difficult to create a simple, centralized location to view all benefits available and make the best of what the employer offers.  We build and maintain a network of mobile-responsive benefit websites to tie together benefit education and employee engagement with enrollment in a single location.

Communication Types


Messages can be customized to your needs and scheduled for any time. Using mobile numbers provided to the group where employees gave cell numbers for communication. Additionally, each text includes an option to “Opt-Out” to comply with TCPA guidelines.

Social Media Advertising

We can customize almost any message and include a relevant image to match your branding. We can get your ad right in front of your employees on their Facebook or Instagram accounts by matching a list of phone numbers and/or email addresses to accounts. As an alternative we can place ads in front of users based on demographics, location, etc.

Email Marketing

Personalized email campaigns specific to employees based on location, job class, enrollment status, benefit elections, and more.

Using Selerix Engage, we can create an all-in-one approach to communication that eliminates the need for multiple third-party vendors:

    • Text Messaging, Email Campaigns, Employee Surveys, Centralized Dashboard

Our Track Record

If COVID-19 taught us anything is that the workspace culture and environment can change on a dime.  Employers will have to be more flexible in the future to retain and recruit the best talent.  Engagement is key to maintaining and growing a healthy workforce.  However the American workforce is not very engaged currently.  We can help.

Unique Employees Reached via Social Media

Unique Mobile Numbers Reached