An Approved Aflac Technology Partner

 As a broker or agency, we know open enrollment season can come in a hurry.  It’s difficult to ensure your employer groups are able to elect and enjoy their benefits in a simple way.  We believe that providing a painfree and flexible experience is the key to retaining your  employer groups so you can help them retain the best and brightest talent.  In order to offer this, we provide mulitple ways for employees to elect their benefits whether online, on the phone, or in person.

Year-Round Enrollment Platforms

Expandable to offer practically any benefit, the year-round platform allows for benefit elections and changes throughout the year.

Call/Contact Center

Our representatives, stand by to provide a guided enrollment and benefits service experience.  Our representatives are all located in the United States and are licensed. 


Benefit Administration and ACA Compliance

Tied into the year-round platform, employers can easily manage benefits while ensuring compliance.  The system also includes robust reporting & EDI.


From custom videos and benefits microsites to benefits booklets, enrollment posters, custom letters and more, we are able to provide employers with beautiful, consistent communication during and after enrollment.

Benefits, At Your Fingertips

Self Enrollment

We build your enrolment case with all necessary rules built in and with a clean, easy to use layout.  Our goal is to make it easy for anyone to enroll.

Mobile Responsive

The enrollment platform doesn’t just work well on a PC or Mac, it is 100% web-based so no software needs to be installed and is designed to look great on smartphones & tablets.

24/7 Access

The platform is available 24/7 in secure facilities and backed up on redundant servers.  The system receives annual AICPA SOC reports and follows HIPAA guidelines.  Servers are located at two separate SSAE16 compliant hosting facilities. 

Custom Plans & configuration

No matter what benefits you offer employees, whether it’s medical, dental, vision, or voluntary, we can probably build into the system.  Chances are, we already have!

Robust Reporting & benadmin

Several reports are offered by default on the administration system and multiple custom reports can be created, tailored to your specifications.  These reports can be sent manually or automated!  Benefit Administration is also a breeze as the system takes care of all eligibility requirements and syncs data through EDI to carriers.

Payroll Integration

As long as your payroll system allows imports, we should be able to integrate all data with your payroll system.  In most cases, your payroll system is probably aleady supported.

Benefits Communiation in a Busy World

Odds are your employees work different shifts or in different environments.  Whether employees work at the office or at home, we offer a variety of communications sure they’re informed about their benefits and open enrollment schedule.  

Some of what we offer:

  • Product Videos
  • Promotion Videos
  • HR Videos
  • Enrollment Videos
  • Benefits Statements
  • Benefits Microsites
  • Enrollment Letters
  • Enrollment Posters
  • Benefits Booklets